Acceptance of the tenders implies adherence to these conditions.

No other conditions are accepted unless expressly agreed in writing by CAST-IN.

Our offers are valid for a period of eight days from the date of dispatch. After this period, they are only binding upon CAST-IN’s explicit acceptance and subject to updating.

Projects, studies and documents of any nature sent or forwarded by CAST-IN are always its property and must be returned upon request. CAST-IN keeps all the intellectual property of its projects, studies and documents.

Due to the evolution of standards and materials, the characteristics and application dimensions indicated are our responsibility only after confirmation of our services.

The prices in euros mentioned in our price lists or written offers are quoted exclusive of VAT in accordance with the economic conditions prevailing on the date on which these lists are drawn up.

Prices may be revised in line with the economic conditions at the time of delivery and may be modified without notice in accordance with the legislation in force. The prices applied will be those in force at the time of delivery.

The minimum for an order is 75 euros gross, excluding packaging and transport.

All orders are final and cannot be cancelled except in cases of force majeure and on the condition that CAST-IN is informed within 8 days of signing the order.

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The delivery times indicated in our offers or acknowledgements of receipt are given for information only, and are understood to be “ex works”. No delay may lead to the cancellation of the sale, refusal or compensation for damages and interest.

Under no circumstances may delivery times justify cancellation of the order.

Delivery times count from the latest of the following dates: the dates of acknowledgement of receipt of goods, the dates on which CAST-IN becomes aware of all necessary details, the eventual down payment and the duly completed account opening form if applicable.

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Our goods are sold “ex works”, travelling at the consignee’s risk, whatever the modes or modalities of price and transport, notwithstanding the provisions relating to the suspensive condition of transfer of ownership.

The consignee is obliged to check the condition and nature of the goods dispatched and to make, where appropriate, all reservations of use. No claim will be accepted unless it is made in writing and sent to CAST-IN by registered letter within 48 hours of receipt.

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Any late payment shall be subject to interest on arrears at the legal rate in force. If an invoice is not paid when due, we reserve the right to suspend our shipments and demand immediate payment of the entire amount due.

Credit notes on returned goods are not refunded, but will be deducted on the next invoices.

The other credit notes will only be reimbursed to our customers if the current account does not show any debt.

The sale becomes legally perfect with the dispatch of the order acknowledgement, the customer accepting that the transfer of ownership of the goods is suspended until full payment of the price.

This clause is stipulated as an essential condition of sale, without which the sale would not take place. The transfer of risks (losses, damages) takes place upon delivery.

In the absence of payment of a single instalment, the seller may demand the return of the goods delivered. This claim may be made by registered letter or by legal proceedings.

The buyer may not evade or refuse to return the said goods to the seller or any other person mandated by him.
In case this clause is triggered, the amounts already paid are forfeited to the seller by way of damages and interest.

In case of bankruptcy the buyer must immediately notify the seller so that the seller can claim the goods under the CIRE.

The warranty for the material sold only applies to defects in construction and function. This warranty ceases to apply if our goods are abnormally used or stored. The warranty is limited to the replacement of defective parts, excluding compensation for any other damage such as: personal accidents, damage to products or goods other than the object of sale, lack of earnings, payment of compensation to third parties.

These are the only valid conditions unless otherwise agreed in writing and accepted by CAST-IN.

Any return will only be accepted with the prior written agreement of CAST-IN who, if that is the case, will organize the return of those goods. Upon receipt of the goods an appraisal of the material will be made, at the fairest price and taking into account the expenses involved, an appraisal which, in the case of the material being in perfect condition for resale, may not exceed 75% of the net value of the products.


In the event of a consumer dispute, the consumer can use the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform, available at or one of the following Alternative Dispute Resolution Entities:

Oporto Consumer Information and Arbitration Centre

Rua Damião de Góis, 31, Loja 6, 4050-225, Porto
+351 22 550 83 49 / +351 22 502 97 91
+351 22 502 61 09